Make your media spend work harder with better visibility on investment and return across every media channel.


Get a full view of the media journey

Conventional measurement technology doesn’t give you the full story. To identify which touchpoints deliver the most value, you need to have a clear view of the different media journeys your guests make—some journeys are highly profitable, others just cost you money you don’t need to spend. Noetic1™ tracks every interaction with every touchpoint so you know precisely which ones to invest in, to increase the proportion of all guest journeys that are profitable to the business.  

Making it easy to identify the right guest

Our Noetic1™ technology will fully segment your guests to give you insights which facilitate much smarter media buying decisions. Once you know which guests have the highest lifetime value, you can direct your spend towards acquiring more of them and encouraging higher value and repeat stays.

More affordable Google Hotel Ads

Because Noetic1™ is fully integrated with Google Hotel Ads, we can offer you more languages, more currencies, longer advance booking times and longer stay durations than conventional channel managers, delivering a competitive advantage over OTAs and other hotel operators.

Noetic modules and integrations to make media spend work harder:

  • Intelligent interactions with guests and integration with third-party marketing systems
  • Modules to create marketing campaigns, promotional packages and offers
  • Deliver the right promotion or campaign to specific audiences
  • Build, run and measure the value of your loyalty programmes
  • Turn Oracle Opera into a one-on-one PMS so you can get the right guests into the right rooms at the right price
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