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Business Performance Analytics

Gain a clear view of business performance with our measurement and reporting integrations.

Giving you a clear view of performance

Achieve a single, clear, complete view of your business, and you’re well on the way to achieving complete control over what you do. While many hotel operators aim to establish this, few achieve it.

We can help you buck the trend.

With Noetic1™, you don’t simply enjoy a single view of your guests, you also have an equivalent view of your media spend and how each of your rooms or in-house services are being used.

Driven directly by the distillation of information in your data hub, the single business view allows you to make better decisions in the three key areas that underpin business performance—media, guests and rooms.

This leads to a powerful, three-step creation of value for you:

Getting the right guests in the right rooms and the right price.

To maximise overall business performance, we plug in our measurement and reporting tools so you have the insight you need to accurately assess your guest revenue, media spend and use of your rooms. 

Media performance

Many hotel operators spend a lot of money delivering prospective guests to their website, where they (hopefully) make a booking. However, traditional measurement consists of little more than conventional reporting tools like Google Analytics.

We go much further, measuring the media journey of your guests, so you have an explicit view of which online media sources are the most effective at delivering and converting the right guests. 

Guest performance

How much is each guest worth to you? How much revenue do they bring to your business on any given stay and over their lifetime? We can help you find definitive answers to these critical questions.

We’ll help you identify the value a guest has brought already, what you can expect them to bring in the future and how much it costs you to keep them coming back again and again.

Using that information, you can sharpen your activity, focusing your media spend to attract and convert more of the highest-value guests.

Noetic1™ customer-level performance measures include:

  • Likelihood to make an initial booking
  • Likelihood to make a repeat booking
  • Estimated time to next booking
  • Prediction of the stay type
  • Estimated future value of guests
  • Lifetime value to date
  • Cost of guest acquisition 

Room performance

When you use your rooms efficiently, you can afford to spend more on your media, which, in turn, brings more guests to your business.

The principles are simple: empty rooms don’t make money. Underutilised staff still have to be paid. Even a full hotel can be made to deliver more by measuring what else the guests in those rooms are buying. Beyond rooms, we can look at additional purchases, such as food, drinks, excursions and theatre tickets.

Noetic1™ asset performance measures can help in all three areas:

  • Room availability
  • Measuring consumption
  • Up-selling opportunities

You benefit from automated reporting, delivered to you on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. These reports give you summaries and detailed information on the current state of your hotel and how things are trending over time. 

Dashboard and reporting

All three performance measures are brought to life for you through easy-to-interpret dashboards. The dashboards update on a live basis – so if you have the urge to see how your business is doing at 3am, you can.

In our eyes, you are always a decision maker. So the dashboards are designed to tell you exactly what you need to know to make the right decisions for your business. We agree and integrate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) so that your dashboards report what’s important and relevant to you, whether you are exceeding, hitting or missing your targets.

You can also reconfigure your dashboards to suit how you want to see the results.

For the very latest updates, we can deliver automated reporting for you on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. These reports give you summary and detailed reports on the state of your business today and how things are trending over time.  

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