Upgrade your CRM and leverage your data to increase how much your guests spend with you during their stay.

Hotel growth through personalisation

Business growth depends on getting the right guests in the right rooms at the right price. The most effective way to do this is by creating fully segmented guest profiles and targeting those that are high-value using the correct channels—the more integrated you are with Noetic1™, the more data you have and the more insight you gain.

Loyalty programme creation

Point-based loyalty programmes are not the most effective way to forge lasting relationships with guests. The Noetic approach focuses on the creation of bespoke loyalty programmes which reward repeat visits based on what matters to them, which is rarely ‘points’.

Better CRM

Start sending marketing communications that guests will appreciate, respond to and buy from. Driven by the Noetic1™ Single Customer View, your database becomes the source of an ever-increasing number of direct bookings (which are much more profitable than bookings from OTAs). continually engage guests to encourage them to increase their value through up-sell, cross sell, and in-house discretionary spend, all of which builds higher lifetime value and retention

Noetic modules and integrations for guest loyalty and in-room spending:

  • Access to basket-level data, including dropped baskets
  • Securely enter and maintain personal customer details
  • Integrate and maintain multiple customer relationship details
  • Integrate in-house user actions beyond what they put in their basket
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