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The Noetic approach

The Noetic MOI mantra describes our ‘Measure. Optimise. Integrate.’ approach to supporting your hospitality business. It’s an approach based on a comprehensive, consider-all-areas view, starting with your commercial and operational objectives.

The Noetic approach

The Noetic mantra of MOI describes our ‘Measure. Optimise. Integrate.’ approach to supporting your business. It’s an approach based on a comprehensive, consider-all-areas view, starting from your commercial objectives. 


Your partnership with us is entirely collaborative. Far more than just technology providers, we can also advise your leadership team, your operational, sales and marketing and even your front of house teams through skills sharing, or with knowledge and support from our specialist partners.

In every instance, our consulting is a manifestation of our mantra of MOI: measure, optimise, integrate.

The process begins with a full and frank appraisal of each properties performance at a Guest, Room and Media level. What’s working for you? Which parts aren’t performing to their full potential? Where could technology deliver the most impact and where would your spend be best directed?

Ultimately, how can your hotel performance be optimised?

By answering these questions and harnessing the powerful potential of our technology, Noetic will help you satisfy and gratify your guests, achieve your business objectives and create a streamlined, high-performing hospitality operation.

Our mantra is cyclical. That’s because business and operational performance is an ongoing, ever-evolving metric. This means that we don’t simply impart one-time, one-hit advice.

To give you maximum value, our consultancy is collaborative and carried out alongside your internal teams. We transfer our skills, knowledge and findings, so that you can implement them yourself, and continue doing so long into the future.

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Training and skills transfer

Unlike some conventional agencies or hospitality tech providers, we don’t believe in keeping you in the dark. Instead, we want your team to be able to use our tools as well as we can.

Your teams should understand what your dashboards mean and be comfortable enough to take deep dives into the data that sits behind it. For this reason, we provide personalised training workshops and ongoing mentoring to pass on this knowledge.


If you don’t have the time or resources to use our technology effectively yourself, we can do it for you. Outsource any of the marketing activities that Noetic provides while you get your business ready to bring the tasks in-house or simply leave them with us over the longer-term.

We’ll take on your media planning and buying, organise and run your eCRM and email marketing, meet your Guest service requirements and provide business reporting as an outsourced solution.

We can even help you recruit the people you need to take these programmes back in-house.

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