14 Dec

Understand your guests and make your media spend work harder

Written by Lydia Mills



Leaving aside becoming part of a major hotel brand, there are two main ways to fill your rooms:

  • Through OTAs
  • Direct (whether that’s via organic search, PPC and retargeting campaigns, or through Google Hotel Ads)

OTAs are good at delivering high volume. They also give you the worst deal i.e. a repeatedly high cost of acquisition that delivers price sensitive and non-loyal guests, where the OTA keeps control of the guest relationship.

Conversely, direct campaigns tend to deliver lower initial volumes, but at a much lower cost. And crucially, you own the guest relationship. That’s important because it means you have the information you need to start making that relationship a long-term and profitable one.

While the initial volume may be low with direct, the repeat booking rate of ‘direct best guests’ can be phenomenal. Yet, amazingly, many hotels miss this key insight entirely.

The name of the game is to use highly targeted media campaigns designed to bring you the type of guests you really want i.e. guests who are most likely to keep coming back and keep booking direct through your site – so you get higher value guests with a lower initial cost of acquisition, which effectively gets lower every time they stay.

To do that, you need to get the right messages, in the right places, at the right time.  How? By making sense of the available data, and using it to full advantage. 

The one-of-a-kind media attribution model inside Noetic1 goes far beyond Google Analytics to connect the dots between media investment and return.

By capturing all the data points from your online media spend, all interactions with it, and all sales that result from it, Noetic1 measures the value of each campaign in terms of what guests and revenue it delivers – and at what cost – both today and in the future. So you can clearly see which campaigns are delivering, which aren’t, and redirect your spend to where it’s performing best.

It’s way ahead of what a typical media planning agency can deliver. But we’re not a media planning agency. Making your media spend work harder is just one strand of what we do.  We’re a marketing technology provider that empowers you to make better business decisions. We do that by putting the right information in focus – when and how you want it. What the ‘right information’ is… is for you to decide.

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