01 Dec

Noetic tells The Caterer magazine why big data is changing the way hotels operate

Written by Miles Boarder


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Noetic recently shared their insights on big data with The Caterer as part of the magazine’s Technology Prospectus 2018.

The Caterer is the leading multimedia brand for the UK hospitality industry—their dedication to helping operators build better businesses and better careers means that Noetic’s work is particularly relevant to their readership.

The two page article, titled Why Big Data is Changing the Way Hotels Operate, goes into detail on three key areas hotels should be looking at to monitor performance: 

  • How much they earn from rooms 
  • The cost of filling them 
  • Why some guests are worth more than others

As a hospitality marketing technology provider, Noetic is able to help hotels make better decisions based on the true worth of guests over their lifetime and by revealing which media campaigns deliver the best guests at the lowest cost.

The article explores how hotel businesses can easily sift through the sea of data they generate on a day-to-day basis and ways to separate the useless from the useful, spot interesting patterns and present it as actionable insight.

“In short, we can help you earn more from your rooms, make your media spend work harder, and deliver better guest experiences. In a hotel, if you’re doing those three things well, you’re doing a pretty good job.”

Click here to download the full article.

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