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19 Apr

Noetic becomes official Google Hotel Ads Integration Partner

Written by Noetic


Simplebooking Google Partner

Marketing technology provider Noetic has become an official Google Hotel Ads Integration Partner. Its status was granted after Noetic – an Oracle Gold Partner – extended its Noetic1™ hospitality marketing suite to include a uniquely powerful Google Hotel Ads integration, giving hotels a real competitive advantage.

Google Hotel Ads give hotels the ability to take back control of the guest acquisition process from OTAs. But to run a Google Hotel Ads campaign, businesses need a Google-approved third-party Integration Partner to provide Google the real-time info on availability and rates it requires to present ads to potential guests.

Noetic is one of a small number of integrators approved by Google, having built a particularly powerful integration that gives hotels the maximum advantage of the opportunity Google is providing.

Matt Mills, CEO of Noetic, said: “OTAs are great at delivering large guest volumes, although the long term value (£) of many of those guests is questionable. Those guests also come at a significant cost; with hotels not only handing over lots of their revenue in commission, but also handing over control of the guest relationship.

“Unlike OTAs, Google Hotel Ads offers hotels the opportunity to get large volumes but still keep control of the guest relationship. And by adding Noetic’s attribution engine in to the mix, hotels also get a much better view of how much money they should invest in acquiring different types of guest, based on their predicted lifetime value. Our implementation of Google Hotels Ads is the only solution which gives hotels what they need to turn bookings into profitable, long-term relationships.”

The solution Noetic has built:

  • Works in any currency, any language, and any combination
  • Provides Google availability information up to 330 days in advance (most integrations are based on much shorter periods)
  • Is the only integration in the world which takes advantage of the Noetic1™ media attribution engine; allowing hotels to go far beyond what standard analytics is capable of in terms of planning media investment. This means hotels can target their advertising towards their most valuable (£) guests – based on predicted lifetime value – as well as the more typical ‘revenue for this booking’ view
  • Is fully integrated with Oracle OPERA OWS (Opera Web Services) so hotels can get up and running with no requirement for engineering support or costs with Oracle
  • Has been running at 100% for Inventory, 100% for Price Accuracy, and 99.9% for Participation – the three key criteria for how well a Google Hotel Integration is performing

It’s results like these that led global equity research firm AB Bernstein to describe Noetic as the ‘third way’ for hotels to address distribution costs (without recourse to OTAs or joining a large branded hotel network) in its latest European Hotels & Leisure report.

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