Solving the big data challenge for hospitality management

Conventional measurement technology is not an effective way to optimise acquisition. Relying on last click means relying on a partial view of your guests’ media journey—a common measurement misconception which leaves you blind to the important metrics and KPIs which drive better business decisions.

Start investing your money on attracting high-value guests that spend more and cost less to acquire.

Our solution

Build a full picture of your guests’ media journey and focus your efforts on the touchpoints which perform best for you. This insight allows you to serve personalised media to the right guests at the right times, focusing your media spend correctly and efficiently.

This approach is entirely flexible, and can be used in-house, via an agency or by the Noetic team on your behalf. You don’t need to come to us to take advantage, you can work however you like.

Inside the Noetic1™ big data engine

Our Noetic1™ engine handles billions of lines of data and goes right down to individual touchpoints. We have the ability to measure up to 100 clicks and impressions so you can out-perform those still using conventional last click measurements.

We’re fully integrated with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Google Doubleclick, and can track any type of digital media, including: natural search, Google Hotel Ads, paid search, programmatic media, display, email and mobile.

Predict the value of customers over time

Predictive analytics prevent you from looking at individual baskets and keep you focussed on the bigger picture. Our technology takes the basket value and measures it against fully segmented guest profiles to predict the value of that guest over time.

This gives you the insight you’ll need to allocate campaign and media spend more efficiently, resulting in high-value guests.

  • Google Hotel Ad integration
  • Predictive analytics for better spend allocation
  • Fully integrated with Oracle OPERA
  • Access to basket-level data, including dropped baskets

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