Noetic: one thing done well. Business performance for hospitality.

Right guest. Right room. Right price.

More direct bookings at a lower cost with guests who stay more often.

Earn more from your rooms

Discounting and online travel agents aren’t the only means of making sales. Our integrated technology and media approach is a more efficient way to acquire new guests and our predictive analytics keep them coming back.

Make your media spend work harder

A lack of true visibility around media spend leads to expensive errors and wasted opportunities. Our model connects the dots between investment and return, so you know where to invest to ensure that the right media hits the right customers at the right times.

Increase how much your guests spend

Personalised service is more than just an extra pillow. Leverage existing rich, customer-level data for smarter upselling, increased loyalty and the delivery of a seamless, personalised experience from the very first touchpoint.



To make smart business decisions, you need to know the true performance of your business. 

Your data and guest behaviour is always changing. By continually measuring performance, we can understand what you’re doing, how effective it is, what’s missing and how it all relates to your business objectives. 

We’ll also recommend and implement additional measures you’ll need to grow your business.


With the right tech integrations, your business could be constantly measuring new and ground-breaking data. Continuing to optimise based on these insights in the real driver of success.

We begin by identifying ways we can deliver value to you as quickly as possible, with quick wins and fast changes to help establish a culture of improvement. 

Our Noetic1™ technology is ready to go - it can be configured and integrated quickly and simply. We’ll specify the right mix of technical components for your version of Noetic1™.

The Noetic team will touch base with you weekly or monthly to run through your data and give you the facts you need to keep targeting the right guests with the right rooms at the right price.


Integration establishes consistency, efficiency and marks a step-change in what your business can achieve. 

Noetic1™ technology is fully integrated with Google Hotel Ads and MICROS, along with many heavyweight partners across the hospitality and digital marketing industries. It plugs quickly and seamlessly into your own systems, opening up a world of insight. 

Integration also means being there to assist your teams with training, insight and advice wherever you need it.

Guest, media and room performance

Noetic1™ technology allows you to focus your efforts in three core areas:

  • Guests - Identifying loyal, high-value guests and building a direct relationship with them using properly targeted media, intuitive marketing and intelligent eCRM. 
  • Media - Giving you a complete view of every touchpoint, so you know exactly where to invest in order to acquire the right guests.
  • Rooms - Earn more from your rooms by leveraging your own data to boost in-room spending to retain control of prices and discounting. 

All of these services are underpinned by our consulting tier.

eCommerce integration

A basket can you tell you a lot about a guest. When we combine basket data with guest segmentation, we can predict the lifetime value and future buying patterns of each guest type, so you can focus your media spend and marketing accordingly. 

We can also create distinct basket profiles to identify the difference between the guest who books the room, then guest who stays in the room and other guests staying with them. This makes targeting offers and services far more efficient. 

Hospitality integration

All the data from the operation of your hotel can be harvest to maximise your visibility, improve operational efficiency and to enhance the guest experience.

Our platform provides a singular view of your guests and their behaviour across every touchpoint. You can use this insight to upsell more efficiently, to delight them, or to better understand their preferences. 

Guests can be interacted with on a one-to-one basis, creating an experience which is far more personal.

Client Ops

Each department in your business has a different measurement standard to determine success. 

The Noetic MOI approach allows us to have a consistent conversation with all your teams, to make sure they share a common understanding of what measurement really means, how to use them and how to recognise the knock-on effects they have on the business as a whole.

Third-party integration

A Noetic1™ integration doesn’t restrict you to using our systems. We can integrate with almost anything with an API, so if you prefer to continue using third party platforms for any of your business operations, you can simply slot Noetic1 into them.

Activities integration

Build your own bespoke loyalty programme and start building a relationship with your best guests using one of our many activity modules. 

You’ll be able to reward guests with preference-based offers and perks using the data you’ve collected on them, rather then resorting to standard point-based programmes, which don’t provide the same level of personalisation.


Noetic1™ is our high performance engine. It pulls together data from every facet of your business to deliver a single view of your guests, media and rooms. 

It’s the key to understanding all of your core business performance measures. These are the foundation for analytical and predictive models which allow you to get the right guests in the right rooms at the right price.

Reporting and Dashboarding

Universal Reporting
Universal reporting in real-time

In our eyes, you’re always a decision-maker. That’s why Noetic1™ dashboards are designed to tell you exactly what you need to know to make better decisions for your business.

Your dashboards only report key performance indicators that are tailored to you and can be reconfigured to display results in a way that suits you. They update in real-time, so if you have the urge to see how your business is doing at 3am, you can.

You can also choose to view your results as reports, delivered to you on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. They’ll give you a mix of summaries and more detailed information on the current state of your business and how things are trending over time.

Going beyond the here and now

At Noetic, we always have one eye on the future. Our approach takes predicted hospitality trends into consideration, including:

Mobile Checkin
Mobile check in
Room Technology
In-room technology
Loyalty Pricing
Differential Pricing
Text And Chat
Text and chat

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